Over the last few years, a fake doctor’s excuse has become highly popular with millions around the world. In truth, people want to get a day off work or school and have to come up with a very convincing lie and often look at a fake note. However, while more are choosing to use a fake note, can they really be as convincing as they need to be? If you use a fake doctor’s excuse, will it really work?

It Depends On the Lie

If someone tries to be too smart in their approach and come up with an illness that is hard to believe then the game is over. Putting down an illness which takes weeks to recover from or that is just quite simply unbelievable is the number one way to get caught. In all honesty, the type of lie you put down will determine whether or not the note is a success. Fake doctor’s notes can actually work and can get a lot of people out of work for the day but if you don’t think carefully about what you are saying, you’ll get into a heap of trouble. The lie you tell must be essentially convincing and believable in order to work fully.

Weeks Off For Simple Illnesses

Another reason as to why a fake note doesn’t always work is down to how long the person using the note, is absent from work. Now, if you say you have a minor stomach bug, it shouldn’t take a month to recover from it and that is what you have to remember. With a fake doctor’s excuse, you have to think about how long you are taking off for this apparent illness and whether or not it’s an appropriate amount of time. Fake notes can work but they can also fail because of how long you take off.

There’s A Major Risk Involved

When using fake doctor’s notes, you are going to find there is a real risk of being caught out and exposed. Now, for some employers and teachers who find out about the lie, they will let it go; some will give you a verbal warning but others might see the offense as a very serious one and report you to the police. That might sound extreme but you have to remember, you are using a doctor’s note and it’s almost like fraud. You could be charged with such a crime if you are not careful which is why you have to understand the risks of these notes before you use them.

Know the Risks before You Use the Notes

It’s easy to say you won’t get caught but you never know until you try and it’s a risk you might not be willing to take. You have to be extremely cautious and careful with these notes because someone can report you to the police. If you absolutely have to use them, try to keep it simple and only use them once. Sometimes, you can get away with it but not always and it’s too much of a risk to chance it. A fake doctor’s excuse can work for some but not for others.