Have you ever used a doctor’s excuse? You are not the only one to have used them and within the last couple of years, the fake notes seem to have gotten even more popular. There are real reasons why they are so popular. People are genuinely ill but haven’t gone to doctors and got a genuine note which leads them to creating a fake note. Of course, people use these notes even when they are fine but what about making them authentic? How can you increase the authenticity of your fake doctor’s notes today?

Don’t Write Illnesses You Can’t Spell

Doctors are supposed to have terrible handwriting but usually they can spell illnesses and ailments! A lot of people write fake doctor’s notes and end up making basic grammar mistakes! You wouldn’t expect a doctor to do that and it’s a red flag for most people too. It certainly has become a major concern and that is one of the biggest reasons why people get caught in the lie. You should try to stick to ailments you are familiar with and which you can spell!

Use an Ailment That Offers a Quick Recovery Time

While it might sound a lot better to list some tropical disease, it’s not always viable! Now, if an illness or ailment takes several days or weeks to heal its not likely you can return to work within one day. That is why you have to use an ailment that offers very few questions and a quick recovery time too. It could be a simple stomach bug or a little infection of the throat but whatever it is, it should have a fairly short recovery time. A doctor’s excuse can’t really itemize an ailment that is known for taking a long time to get over, especially if you plan to go into work the next day bright as a button! What is more, you don’t want people to ask questions so you should stick to something that’s fairly common and not too impacting on the body.Get more details from

Don’t Digress

doctorsA lot of people think they have to pad the letter out a bit so that it looks more convincing but doing this can backfire in a major way. You don’t want employers to read page after page of doctor’s notes or letters as it’ll make them focus more on you and your time off. Fake doctor’s notes can be easily spotted even when you’ve put in a lot of time, hard work and effort into them. You really need to keep the note short, sweet and right to the point. If you have a long-winded note then it’s going to cause a lot of trouble to say the least and it’s not what you want. It’s wise to keep things simple and don’t digress and start talking about matters which aren’t to do with the illness. You don’t want to be caught so ensure the note is really quite simple.Visit website at

Making a Doctor’s Excuse Note Look More Authentic

You would think creating a simple doctor’s note would be easy but sometimes it’s tougher than it looks. Yes, you can come up with a great template and even have the doctor’s illegible handwriting to match but if you don’t make it look real, it’s all for naught! It’s very important to keep the notes short and use a simple illness. Fake doctor’s notes can be spotted so ensure you don’t get caught in the lie.